Monday, July 25, 2016

The wonderful idea to learn some interesting facts

The wonderful idea to learn some interesting facts  

1/3 mile away from the water smells of an elephant.
2 / Penguin soil / ice could jump up to 6 feet.
3 / bats leg bones are so soft that they can not walk.
4 / blue color to mosquitoes weak !! When the blue light may increase the number of mosquitoes in the room.
5 / A giraffe's baby is born about 5 feet from the ground, but most often they do not get hurt or not hurt.
6/60-mile stretch of white bear no rest, can swim up to.
7 / colored television since the discovery of the human dream sadakala rates have been reduced.
8 / African sisada fly (cicada fly) 17-year-sleeps !! After waking up, they live just two weeks!! in that time, the main task of them is to participate in procreation.
9 / DELL computer company owned by Michael Dell started trading with $ 1000 at the age of just 19.

10/70% of Japan's total land area is over the hill !! There's more than 00 volcanoes.

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