Thursday, August 4, 2016

Surprised the world

1. Earth is the only planet in the universe
There is soul. According to scientists,
More than 3 million species on our earth
Plant, 6 million and about 10 million species phanjai
There are species.
II. There is a superpower of the world's
There is an invisible world around
Cover. The cover is made of gas
Plajamasphiyara. This coating space
The high-speed electrons
As a result, many of the barriers to entry to our planet
Survived the loss.
3. This is an interesting event, our world
Constantly being recycled. Earth
Inside the hot magma. Slowly
Slowly up toward the top of the world
And the continuous form of cold hard stone
Takes. These stones may decrease the air, small
And went back down into small particles
Myagamaya been sent down as quickly. Then again, the same
The process is started.
4. The world is a very accurate position
There. The world becomes a little tilt
The center axis around the sun
Orbit. If this position is a little edika
Had a lot of sense in the world
The problem could be. The sun
In terms of distance from Earth
That is correct position. Or if you are a bit far away
Earth's temperature has changed seriously
Could. As a result, the life of the journeymen
Could be difficult to read.
5. The world is a mystery. 70 percent of the
95 per cent of the sea, yet the sea is not that
Remains beyond our knowledge.
Scientists say the sea is almost unexplored
May 1 million in life. Only
Not the sea, some of the tropical forests of New Guinea
Like the people of the land is still unknown. This means that
If the world is still a lot of things
Which have remained unanswered.

Wonderful Year Wang Dong cave

It's another world inside the Earth. He separates heaven on earth, achemegha-rain-fog. Canal has a mountain of bills. China's Chongqing province Year Wang Dong wonderful cave. Let's get to know the residents of the province Chongqing cave samparkecinera knew about the cave before. However, they had to travel in a small cave. What a surprise deep inside the cave environment in which they had an idea. They were not able to hold out without a scene inside. Moreover, no one did not go outside without a local resident in a cave. Why long time, "Year Wang Dong 'cave semitransparent unknown armies deserted cave is known about the cave, a team comprising photographers miserableness go there. Privacy some rare photos of the cave was discovered, and the inner side of the caravan Antoine the cave catheter cloud has a separate grain spasmodically much cooler weather. Cold weather, moisture there as well. For that reason, there is normally a lot of normal breathing difficult. The canal is very dangerous and destructive to the cave. Because of the strong currents of the canal water, which can easily overwhelm anyone. The cave is in the water salty taste. According to a member of the team nayaabhiyatri sweet, it's not possible to find a wide range of a cave. "Iyaraoyam of the dam is something extraordinary matojana really surprising is the large cave about 820 feet high. Fog and clouds covered the upper half. I think one of the other prthibiprasangata into the cave, the world's biggest cave discovered so far is the "Sun Hang Dong. This is the last border of Laos, Vietnam border. Some feel that hangs from Ian Wang Dong Sun Dong cave could be large. However, so far no information on this matter did not match.