Monday, July 25, 2016

Information as to surprise

 Information as to surprise

just saline sea water. And most of the salt water of the Atlantic Ocean.
sea from an earthquake can cause a tsunami. Tsunami hit the coastal region were killed.
strong and beautiful shaped stones is caused by the pressure and heat in the earth.
world, but it is not completely spherical. The north and south side of somewhat muffled.
scary place known as the Bermuda Triangle. But the world's busiest, but it is a sagarapathera.
According to the researchers at the age of 400 million years.
biggest tropical forest of the Amazon. When the country was the world's ninth largest. However, nine of the country's simanajure the forest. The forest area of ​​5.5 million square miles.
soft minerals in the world is tyalka. Tyalakama powder is used to create it.
The United States and Canada border between the two countries is the world's longest natural shower Niagara Falls.
the world's longest nurigulora below the Grand Canyon area, about 00 million years old.

earth is constantly earthquake. However, most of the earthquakes tibyata so low that people can not understand.

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